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14 Jan 2020

My First Blog

I have to admit. I have never expected to write a blog in my life. When it came down to start doing it, I procrastinated as most software developers do. They go about researching on different technology stacks until they are paralyzed by it. Luckily, I manage to pull myself out of it, and this is the result.

Here is my journey.

The technology stack that I have chosen is Hugo hosted on Netlify. The reason for my choice is that they are cheap and modern. Cheap being I can download the tools and sign up for the service for free. Modern is that both of these are mention in the JAMstack.

If you haven’t heard about JAMstack, then here is my short and oversimplified explanation. JAMstack is the idea of building content-rich web sites using just JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (JAM). The HTML is prerendered so that there is no need for dynamic server-side rendering. This prerendering allows sites to scale to large visitor numbers with minimum server resources.

Hugo is a static site generator written in the Go programming language. It is the renderer in my JAMstack. I chose Hugo because it seems to be the fastest site generator out there. There are literally over 250 of these generators out there. Just take a look at the list over at

Netlify is a service specially designed for hosting JAMstack projects. I’m pretty sure I’m oversimplifying it here. But, they wrote a book on it. Also, they seem to be quite popular. And, they have continuous deployment service integrated with Github in their free plan.

So, let’s see how it goes. There is much to learn in this space.

Thanks for reading.